22:43 Changeset [29ecb2] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masteradding/rename the option on selects tags for category only
22:25 Changeset [19d30c] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
mastersame as previous commit but for REST
22:22 Changeset [faeeba] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
mastergood check for unique result
20:54 Changeset [faa50e] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
mastercorrect the comportement of rss and opml export in the REST api and fix …
20:30 Changeset [64888b] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
mastergrouping by newsid to not have multiple results in case of a shared stream …
19:11 Changeset [a65d2e] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
mastererror from previous commit, sets the compression
19:07 Changeset [c582f5] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masteradding the icons to the cached list of images
19:03 Changeset [7f446a] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterforget to comment
18:53 Changeset [48e84c] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
mastermany improvements (View && DAO) and cleaning; DAO still needs a deep …


21:30 Changeset [683524] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterbetter look for news title / adding a prevent message in config for upload …
01:45 Changeset [689a4e] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterclears obsoletes cache files
01:17 Changeset [3413cd] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterimproving pagination and sorting tools / clearing translations cache when …


23:31 Ticket #17 (Add user relations in all Logic::view()) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [f60df46fb9c5ba771bd3bb45df5aae2144891aa8]
23:21 Changeset [f60df4] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterfix bug-17 : adding all relations (including user's) to the DAO and still …
22:13 Changeset [100d6c] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterfixing refresh stream crontab not getting updated we returns 0 and NOT a …
20:06 Changeset [748350] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterwith PHP echo'ing it will be better
15:34 Changeset [5c6803] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterinvalid here, only AFTER installation process
11:26 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain


23:20 Ticket #17 (Add user relations in all Logic::view()) created by pierre-alain
We need support for user's relations while fetching datas of streams and …
22:52 Changeset [03544e] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterwe write the logs into default error log if not already done, then we …


22:12 Changeset [d2105e] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterdebug/improvements debug/improve the REST api and fix a bug in crontab …
18:54 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain
18:54 Configuration edited by pierre-alain
18:48 Changeset [9c2ef2] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>
masterecho'ing the '<?xml' for short open tags compatibility
02:40 ReleasesNotes edited by pierre-alain
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02:18 Changeset [22257f] by pierre-alain <pierre-alain@…>


23:43 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain
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23:31 Ticket #1 (Complete REST integration) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [ab873f15de5a050d8aaee8a7df9c55a9315d5cfd]
00:51 Milestone 0.1a2 completed
Terminate REST integration for HTTP status code and fix found bugs.
00:08 Ticket #16 (Clean incoming HTML source code indendation) created by pierre-alain
Actually the OWR\Stream\Parser replaces \n with <br/> tags. That's ok but …
00:05 Ticket #15 (Translate displayed error(s)) created by pierre-alain
Add error(s) which will be displayed to user to the translation system.


23:55 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain
18:51 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain
11:29 Configuration edited by pierre-alain
10:46 Ticket #14 (PHP segfault on importing OPML) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [f0c6a5e4a2de0f8477cc36a5eb2b7ce34ef97b19]


23:18 Ticket #14 (PHP segfault on importing OPML) created by pierre-alain
PHP seems to segfault (5.3.0 and 5.3.1) when importing an OPML file. In …
21:29 Ticket #13 (Number of threads is not limited) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [d1b4fbb853e0b879f2a0d677104bd3d3a3b165f0]
20:54 Ticket #13 (Number of threads is not limited) created by pierre-alain
The 'nice -n' command used to lower process priority is NOT showed in …
16:23 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain
00:07 Ticket #12 (First user registered is not auth automaticly after editing his account) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [de3a314b97206059d3928393929cb11bb9607fd3]
00:04 Ticket #12 (First user registered is not auth automaticly after editing his account) created by pierre-alain
After having edited the first user, the user is not logged-in automaticly …


23:02 Ticket #9 (Importing an OPML file into a specific category is not respected if OPML ...) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [3cd588cf31dba25b5cc0c491e2e49e6c4c6e3b2b] Order is now : - …
21:51 Ticket #11 (Javascript not stopping action of category adding form) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [9e0a89419637e0963801db7987d7b394b635fdf6]
21:48 Ticket #11 (Javascript not stopping action of category adding form) created by pierre-alain
Actually when submitting a new category, the javascript does not stop the …
20:52 Ticket #10 (User creation fails when no OpenID is given and when another user with no ...) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [dbf3c0bb0ff93dc3b552b7bbe6559c1703875ed7]
20:32 Ticket #10 (User creation fails when no OpenID is given and when another user with no ...) created by pierre-alain
When creating a user and not filling the OpenID field, if another user …
20:24 Ticket #9 (Importing an OPML file into a specific category is not respected if OPML ...) created by pierre-alain
When importing an OPML file with having set a category to import to, and …
20:02 Ticket #8 (Uri not well generated when uri style is set to 'index') closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [8774dc1adcd281ba7c1520498e1e8d3061657789]
19:49 Ticket #8 (Uri not well generated when uri style is set to 'index') created by pierre-alain
Uri generation is not working well when uri style is set to 'index' and …
19:40 Ticket #7 (Bugged installation file) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [f18ecc806070881c2d8a63e52cb07b4622ac6d7e]
19:19 Ticket #7 (Bugged installation file) created by pierre-alain
File source:install/install.php@1c0909a054edb100b7e252e86d594206b287e73c
15:40 Ticket #6 (Read offline) created by Arthur
It would be great to be able to use offline. Google reader right now uses …
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02:01 Configuration created by pierre-alain
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01:29 Tricks created by pierre-alain
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01:19 Credits created by pierre-alain
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00:27 Ticket #5 (Add specific config details by user) created by pierre-alain
We could add a specific interface configuration for each user, in addition …
00:08 WikiStart edited by pierre-alain


23:13 Ticket #4 (Add search by category or stream) created by pierre-alain
Extends the actual search system with possibility of specifying a category …
22:44 Ticket #3 (Add item tagging (and/or scoring)) created by pierre-alain
Add an item tagging system, which could be displayed like a separate …
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21:34 Git created by pierre-alain
21:30 Ticket #2 (Fix security in OWR\REST\Request) closed by pierre-alain
fixed: Fixed in [174e3e8301ecd50ab56143e991b7b3d632b6fe77]
19:57 Ticket #2 (Fix security in OWR\REST\Request) created by pierre-alain
Fix security hole in filtering input datas in the constructor of …
19:39 Ticket #1 (Complete REST integration) created by pierre-alain
Needs to terminate the integration of REST, specially returned status …
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00:51 Milestone 0.1a1 completed
Initial release
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