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Some tricks

  • Adding a stream externally
    • you NEED to be logged in
    • the url will be like http://yourdomain.tld/PATH/TO/OWR/?do=add&url=[the_url] or http://yourdomain.tld/PATH/TO/OWR/add?url=[the_url] following your configuration


  • Adding OpenWebReader in your browser search bar :
    • click on the button on the left of the search bar in Firefox
    • click on "Add < Search in OWR >"
    • now OWR is in the list, you just have to select it, and search for keywords !
  • Adding OpenWebReader to your dynamic bookmarks reader (Firefox example)
    • type "about:config" in the url bar
    • READ and accept the warning
    • in the search field, type "browser.contentHandlers.types", you will surely see examples like google or netvibes
    • add the three lines corresponding at your configuration, like those examples :